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Shechin Dashe



At the peak of their powers, two of the biggest rappers in the country went against each other. It was Ruggedman against Mode9. A fish around the blogs of the day fancies that the rappers were pitted against each other because of their styles. Ruggedman isn’t disillusioned. In an interview he granted Pulse Nigeria, he said [of Modenine]: “I met him [at a social event], I met everyone, we were cool, I left, that was it, but you know, if you ask me to say, maybe that was part of the…[speculating from Mode9’s view point] Why is he like that, why is he bigger, why is he making money and why not us, why not we the Hip-hop heads, that’s the only angle I can see it from.”

Mechanics, to use the word broadly in this sense refers to those who can’t grasp Mode9’s lyrics, or bump his hardcore albums on a car while going to work. To a cult of fans who swear by his hard-hitting punchlines, Mode9 is GOAT; the Headies, Nigeria’s biggest music awards show, has honored him with the Lyricist on the Roll award for a record seven times. For quite a long time, the neo-colonialist construct of which language was the superior rap language had many Nigerian rappers writing their rap lyrics with the intention of being obscure. And Headies, as an awards show, before the mass infiltration of indigenous rappers, supported English’s dominance.

These rappers have different philosophies when it comes to language as the vehicle for lyricism. Ruggedman suggests elitism on 9’s part. Employing that phrasing, “we the Hip Hop heads,” Ruggedman alludes to the purist tendencies of his colleague. 2008s “Death Blow,” widely regarded as one of the best Nigerian diss tracks ever had the bar “You rap for mechanics/ I rap and you panic.”

Great (and different) things were yet on the way. As rappers like Olamide and Phyno demanded a stake, Hip Hop–loving Nigerians were forced to interact with the languages in which they negotiated this. Ruggedman’s ideology which favored indigenous elements in Hip Hop proved to be more acceptable by the more progressive generation, marked by the emergence of two rappers who would go on to conquer all that stood before them. Phyno’s haughty stories were brash, his lines spiced with the poetry that is inherent in the Igbo language –his album No Guts, No Glory remains one of the greater Nigerian rap projects of all time. Lagos and its madness was muse for Olamide’s craze, with much of his early music marked with a Lil Wayne-esque shock value which consistently pronounced his person. When the rappers teamed up to make “Ghost Mode,” there could have been only one outcome: a hit song. In its time, the song shared a similar level of popularity with “Oleku,” which was released 27 months prior —they were rap songs which easily found a place in the mainstream’s groves.

These are rap songs which wittingly pair the suaveness of the local (this was provided by Brymo in “Oleku”) with English, an invite to more ears. It is no surprise that both rappers (Ice Prince and Phyno) mention M.I as an inspiration. Jude Abaga will be written favorably into history for his tact. Man’s a clear-headed genius whose critically acclaimed projects has challenged the ways in which Hip Hop can be made for the Nigerian.

However, for all of M.I’s greatness, one could make the case that Olamide boasts a similar (perhaps greater) level of influence on newer artistes; his contemporaries even. The last years of the 2010s, local rappers –the problematic term which was used to describe rappers who delivered their songs indigenously– broke out of bars and asserted themselves. These set of rappers, like CDQ, Zlatan Ibile, and Lil Kesh, amongst many others, have an in-road (to access Pop spaces) cut for them, one would argue, because of Olamide. Through his songs which varied in theme, from anthemic jams (“Lagos Boys,”) to philosophical musings on life (“Anifowose“), Olamide has proven to be fluid and sonically competent.

(“Anifowose“), Olamide has proven to be fluid and sonically competent.

His records has contributed immensely in stretching the possibilities of what it means to be a local rapper.

The medium was never the great problem, it seems. Local or English, Nigerian Hip Hop commercialization problem is more nuanced and whatever crises in language and identity shouldn’t be deemed its only concern.

One need be reminded of the African proverb: let the eagle perch and let the kite perch. If one says no to the other, let its wings break. Misconstrued easily, the varying levels of fame (and its financial reward) gets to be a heated topic of discussion. Naira Marley may very well be richer than a rapper who’s had about six projects, has been “keeping it real” since 2009, and has a relatively small but loyal fan base. To even the casual observer, Naira Marley’s rap (which heavily relies on local elements) is the in-demand Hip Hop now, and is certainly more commercially-viable.

This wasn’t always the case. The uber-emotional 2face record “Ole” featured an Freestyle verse that is perhaps the greatest feature verse of all times. Freestyle is easily in the bracket of “lyrical rappers” who by virtue of being this, wasn’t “local.” And yet, he got a nod on a major song by one of the biggest Afropop acts at the time. Davido, in 2012, called on Ice Prince and not a Nigga Raw to complement “Feel Alright” with a sixteen.

As the past decade shifted and caught on to the buzz of Afrobeats, it favored locally-flavored Hip Hop. The joyful and sometimes heart wrenching tales of the streets took center stage. Whenever we got around our individual and collective traumas (often triggered by the Nigerian state), we were a joyous collective. This joy filled the body with the desire to dance. In 2017, Shaku Shaku was it. In subsequent years, we will find in Zanku, an electrifying dance step which quickly built a world around itself. From Mr. Real to Zlatan Ibile, local rappers stepped up to the microphone and fused their raps in sync with Fuji-laden beats and incorporated the Zanku dance in their videos. They made fire rap songs, whether you admit it or not.

M.I made fire music too —in 2018, he kept up with his consistency, releasing Rendezvous, a playlist. It was a collaboration-heavy project which once again M’s uncanny ability to make the conceptual album which carried many people along. With contributions from artistes as diverse as Odunsi, Blaqbonez, Ghost (of SDC), amongst a slew of other features, the music let off the ease of a car filled with celebrities, cruising through the Lagos night and taking goofy selfies (MI in fact, structured the playlist’s concept to that of an all-boys night out). An almost alien life to that being portrayed by the local rappers who unflinchingly tell glorious hustle tales which resonated more with people who negotiated with that reality day by day.

And yet these are our stories. To some English-speaking rappers, I suppose, rapping in the official language offers a direct link to America where, in the Bronx, Hip Hop began as a tool to fight institutionalized oppression. Rapping in English, while being the most comfortable vehicle for their raps, also lends itself to a wider audience, with the music being less about one’s personal stories and more about how the listener –regardless of language– can fashion some knowledgeable sense of life out of it. More than ever, Nigeria now has a steady supply of these rappers. And what’s better, they exist in real-time, making political and socially conscious music which speaks on a macro level to the Nigerian experience.

Phyno & Olamide

At the beginning of a decade which holds immense possibilities for the genre, there are very different players –stylistically, that is– on the Hip Hop turf which signifies robustness. Per monetary gains, it isn’t the scene we’d have wanted but at least we’re making something of it. With the exception of trend-satisfying diss tracks which momentarily casts all the wrong lights, rappers are loving themselves. Collaboration is –should be– the word of the times.

As a listener, the biggest support would be to look for your kind of Hip Hop and support it legally. Attend shows, buy the merch. These fund the artistes (and by extension the culture), and not twenty million naira on the table for two of our most culturally-relevant rappers to do battle with personal and injurious jabs.

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Love or Money: Which is More Important in Life?

Shechin Dashe



Which is More Important in Life: Love or Money?

Money and love are two major subjects that regularly get discussed. For a few, they believe that cash is significant on the grounds that, without cash, their relationship will fall. Then again, a few people believe that adoration is a higher priority than cash, and the explanation being that cash can’t accepting affection and love is the thing that makes the world goes around.

In this article, you will find which is increasingly imperative to you throughout everyday life, is it love? Or on the other hand is it cash?

For the individuals who imagine that cash is a higher priority than affection, they accept so on the grounds that they accept that cash is the paste that keeps the couple together. Without cash, they can’t accepting the house to move in together. when there is no cash, they can’t watch motion pictures in theaters and go for a night out. Without cash, they can’t get ready for having infants and building a cheerful family.

Presently, shouldn’t something be said about affection? Isn’t that adoration is the most significant since cash can’t accepting affection? In the absence affection, all that you do appears to be useless. Without adoration, you will live exhaust inside. Without adoration, you will feel like you are inadequate. All the more critically, there will be nobody there to celebrate with you regardless of whether you are rich and have all the cash on the planet, so does this make love the more significant than cash?

So as to discover the genuine response to the inquiry, regardless of whether cash or love is progressively significant, you should dig further into every part and how cash and love influence your life.

Why Money Matters?

In the first place, let us take a gander at cash. For what reason do you think cash is significant? Indeed, this is an easy decision question. Individuals utilized the cash to purchase things consistently. You utilize the cash to cover your tabs, you utilize the cash to purchase nourishments, and you utilize the cash to purchase a house or to pay the lease so as to put a rooftop over your head. So cash is genuinely significant. Without cash, individuals can’t endure serenely.

Cash directs the progression of human living, particularly in this advanced world. At the point when you don’t have any cash, life will regularly be agonizing and troublesome. Cash makes the opportunity to you. On the off chance that you have seen individuals who are in genuine obligation and are pursuing for cash to make a decent living, you will comprehend that cash is significant.

Cash is a non-debatable and an imperative ware in each individual’s life. Do you realize that the ownership of cash implies it is an asset and the use of cash can make different assets as well? Everything that we use in our day by day lives has financial worth, be it legitimately or by implication.

Cash Makes Your Life Comfortable

With cash, you can frequently purchase whatever things you need in your life. As such, cash makes your life agreeable. At the point when you have enough cash, you can burn through cash on necessities like food and staple goods.

Furthermore, when you have more cash, you would then be able to spend them on extravagance things like a greater house, a games vehicle, or even use it for a noble cause. You can give and help other people who are out of luck. Cash is a device that when utilized accurately, it will make more great than underhanded.

You need cash to purchase and put food on the table. Without cash, life can’t go far. Your relationship can endure and imagine a scenario in which you have a family to take care of. Thusly, cash is significant in light of the fact that it gives the fundamental necessities to endure. All the more critically, when you have a great deal of cash, it makes your life agreeable.

Cash Can Buy You Health

Indeed, this is valid, cash can get you wellbeing. You can keep up your wellbeing despite the fact that you can’t control your wellbeing. With current medicinal services to expand human life span, cash can assist you with improving your wellbeing and carry on with a sound way of life.

For instance, you can burn through cash on an appropriate and sound eating routine, you can purchase sustenance and enhancements, you can turn out to be in the rec center, and when you are debilitated, you can get legitimate medicine.

In addition, in the event that you have the cash, you can make a meeting with your primary care physician for a standard test. Along these lines, you can forestall genuine sicknesses as opposed to restoring them when you are contaminated.

Many individuals didn’t go for clinical and wellbeing tests since they need more cash to take care of for the human services tabs. Furthermore, this turns out to be considerably progressively evident nowadays in light of the fact that the expense of clinical exams has been expanding definitely throughout the years.

Cash Creates More Opportunities for You

Do you realize that cash can make an open door for you? At the point when you are rich and you have the cash, you can purchase a house that is available to be purchased and valued under the market. At the point when you have the cash, you can contribute and construct organizations, make more employments and create values for the network.

Without cash, things will be increasingly troublesome. For instance, when you saw a house available to be purchased that is estimated beneath market and you realize this is a completely decent arrangement, how might you stand to purchase the house when you have no cash?

This doesn’t imply that you can’t accepting the house and secure the arrangement, it just implies that without cash, things won’t be as immediate and you have to discover different approaches to tackle the issue. Actually, on the off chance that you have the cash, you can purchase the house and secure the arrangement immediately, without obtaining or discover approaches to make it work.

Subsequently, cash makes open doors for you. You can put away the cash and make organizations prosper. Or on the other hand you can simply give the cash to your kids with the goal that they don’t need to begin from zero. No one needs to see their youngsters experiencing an extreme beginning. Also, cash can give you, your family, your darling and the network security.

This is likewise the primary motivation behind why the rich ready to get more extravagant. At the point when the rich have cash, they are given more chances to develop and accomplish more.

Cash Can Help Others

When you see somebody who needs financial guide, will you help? Indeed, on the off chance that you have cash, at that point you can decide to help as you like. Nonetheless, imagine a scenario in which you don’t have any extra to help.

This is the reason cash can help other people and improve the world a spot. In 2010, the world’s most extravagant men, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett declared a battle to urge well off individuals to contribute a greater part of their riches to humanitarian causes, and they called their crusade, The Giving Pledge.

Starting at 2017, there are 158 affluent individuals have marked the vow including the Facebook maker Mark Zuckerberg, and their promises aggregate to over $365 billion. What’s more, this demonstration of generosity has made qualities, help, and spares a great deal of lives the world over.

Accordingly, cash can help other people. Not just that cash is significant in advancing your life, however it can advance others’ lives as well.

Cash Gives You Time, Freedom and Mobility

Cash can get you time. You don’t possess to exchange your energy for cash. This is actually what the vast majority are doing on the grounds that they stuck in an occupation and on the off chance that they don’t work, they don’t have the cash. It is an unending circle.

Simultaneously, cash gives you opportunity as well. You have the opportunity to pick what to eat, what to purchase, which house to remain, and what vehicle to drive. Without cash, your decision will be constrained. On the off chance that you don’t have cash, you can’t spend on extravagance things, consequently, your opportunity is restricted.

Cash Gives You Education

Another significant motivation behind why cash is significant is that cash manufactures your school and cash sends you there for instruction.

Individuals who are in neediness don’t have a superior opportunity to show signs of improvement school or access to advanced education.

Besides, when you have overabundance cash to spend, you can purchase books. You can go to extra classes like a course or a workshop, pay to figure out how to cook, how to contribute, or how to improve.

Why Love Is Important?

Love can be depicted as an inclination, a feeling, and furthermore a lifestyle. Most of individuals will feel that affection is the most significant thing that is throughout everyday life. While there are numerous features and faces of adoration, you will find how love is significant and how it can influence your life here.

Love Allows You to Connect With Others

This may appear good judgment, yet it is and will consistently be the way in to the working of society all in all. As individuals, you had the capacity to have a private association and warm with someone else.

It’s not possible for anyone to escape from the sentiment of affection. Sentiments and feelings are worked in inside our natural framework. It is extremely unlikely anybody can get away from the sentiment of love and love. It permits you to fabricate a close connection with others, it causes you to feel total, and partially, it is the reason individuals live in this world.

There are a lot of cases whereby individuals can accomplish something unprecedented. Penance without mentioning anything as a byproduct of the individuals that they love. This essentially shows love is the most significant thing throughout everyday life, and not cash.

Love is the Source of Energy and Motivation

At the point when you are enamored with what you do and you are energetic, you will endeavor better and to perform better.

Individuals who have a family and love their family will need to improve to furnish their family with a superior nature of living. Individuals who are enamored will need to perform better for their accomplice as well.

Additionally, on the off chance that you are enamored with your work and you are enthusiastic about it, you will put forth a valiant effort to convey phenomenal outcomes.

Truth be told, love is what made achievement, and henceforth, cash. Love makes you complete and performs better. At the point when you perform better, you become progressively effective. At the point when you are fruitful, you get paid higher or you procure a superior salary, and you have more cash.

It gives you a can-do demeanor and you take a gander at the world in a positive viewpoint. Love gives you inspiration and you can take advantage of this vitality source to accomplish more noteworthy statures throughout everyday life.

Love Makes You Healthy and Happy

Studies after examinations have demonstrated that when individuals are feeling adored and thankful, their general prosperity w

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Guide On Better Intimacy, Better Sex

Shechin Dashe



An appealing aspect concerning sentiment legends is that they accomplish all the work, yet in a genuine connection with a genuine man, you presumably need to get the show on the road and let him realize what you need.

From big name catastrophes to exaggerated film sentiments, just as profoundly misrepresented portrayals and assumptions regarding excellence, sentiment and sex, the media is shelling us with pictures and thoughts that are the specific inverse of what works in marriage.

At the point when individuals’ desires for what marriage involves are exaggerated, they get baffled and debilitated. Effectively wedded couples have a progressively practical thought that marriage won’t be perfect, and organization and common love are things that you have to take a shot at, to work over various years. In the event that you are cherishing and minding of one another, you have a superior possibility of accomplishment in your relationship.

In spite of the fact that this can be new, energizing and fun from the outset, when the underlying freshness of living respectively wears off, such ordinary things stop to feel energizing and sentimental, and you may wind up feeling stressed that your accomplice no longer cares so a lot or is as eager to be with you.

Making Intimacy

Battling happens all the more frequently in relationships in which the closeness and holding arent working.
Closeness is the specialty of causing your accomplice to feel comprehended and acknowledged.
Delicate touch, eye to eye connection a delicate comical inclination and the correct words all make the climate.
Remarking decidedly on your accomplices looks or the days exercises will likewise help.
To reconnect, be certain you are tuning in to one another and understanding your accomplices needs and needs.
The most impressive thing you can do to keep a marriage solid is structure an association, a group, where the two gatherings feel regarded, thought about and required.

Here are a few different ways to bring closeness back:

Rules for expanding closeness

• Make amusement, play and fun a need.
Put more vitality into making your accomplice giggle, and youll locate a lively methodology will persuade both you and your life partner to need to be close.
Joy, humor, relaxation exercises, and strangeness are ways we revive, reestablish our vitality, reestablish our expectation and uplifting standpoint, and associate with one another.

Try not to permit a lot of your chance to be consumed by TV, email, PC games, or others who are not significant.

• Don’t let your desires escape line. Fun and closeness don’t rely upon going through cash or going to boundaries; they don’t rely upon a specific setting or action, and they don’t need to take a ton of time. Living it up is an inner procedure. Singing, moving, playing a game or a prepackaged game might be what you have to feel close. Through play we re-associate with our souls, our innocent selves, and the natural, unconstrained reactions that lead to sexual associations.

Truly, you can make closeness with exceptional events, something that requires a touch of arrangement ahead of time; yet when you think back on your most personal encounters, they are bound to have been unconstrained and basic as opposed to intricate and costly.

• Developing old together methods we will in the long run show our age.
Concentrate on how you feel about your accomplice, not on hair sparseness, weight issues, absence of execution capacity.
You can joyfully engage in sexual relations with one another into your dotage, in the event that you figure out how to acknowledge the progressions that accompany age.
Try not to let our childhood fixated culture deny you of the joys you can in any case have.

• Develop “signals” that work. An exceptional light in the room (when it’s lit, in any event one of you is intrigued) bringing home blossoms, sprucing up, a specific touch or expression.

• Be cautious that your craving for closeness is consistently a solicitation and not an interest the thing that matters is that a solicitation can take “no” for an answer. An interest is abusive; a solicitation is corresponding. Requests push you separated; demands welcome the other individual to come nearer.

• Once you have set up certain advances that work, attempt a few amazements. Your comical inclination functions admirably here. At the point when they function admirably, amazements can add some fervor and vitality to your sexual relationship; yet just whenever done inconsistently.

• Sex is a physical type of correspondence, and like all other correspondence, it requires some time. Give yourselves change time before getting sexual. Try not to hope to have the option to bounce into bed and “get it on”. Permit time for calm discussion, arousing contact, and so forth.

Read Also : Here Are 8 Benefits of Listening to Music

•Remember that what feels sentimental or attractive contrasts for people, so incorporate signals that work for both of you. Numerous couples find that watching sexual or sentimental films helps set the state of mind.

• Intimacy is just conceivable when there is additionally adequate individual space. Permit a little separation, normally. “How might I miss you on the off chance that you don’t leave?” is an amusing method to put it. You need some different exercises, companions and interests to save your craving for one another new. It’s extraordinary for your relationship when you have something fascinating to inform your companion regarding when you get back home.

• When youre hitched and living respectively, it is too simple to even think about letting sentiment slide.
Remember to bring home roses, send cards, make or purchase senseless little presents for one another.
Compose verse, senseless notes, or tunes, cut a magazine animation, or essentially talk the positive things you feel.
On the off chance that the sentimental couple in the film takes a long, sentimental stroll in the forested areas, take a stab at strolling together in a nearby park.

• Revisit recollections of your initial days together. Play your preferred love melodies; lease an old, sentimental film and eat popcorn; do a crossword puzzle; go hitting the fairway; cook your preferred nourishments together. Remembering your initial dates can revive the early sentiments.

Common Trust Creates Romance

Socially, ladies have more authorization for sentiment than men do, yet it has been said commonly that men are the genuine sentimental people.

Numerous sentimental sonnets, melody verses, motion pictures and plays are composed by men. Try not to stress over your “picture”; be eager to chance inclination somewhat senseless every once in a while. It’s an incredible tonic for your relationship. Men, the significant compensation for you is more and better sex. Ladies, your prize is feeling adored and wanted. You’ll both make some incredible memories, and appreciate it.

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Here Are 8 Benefits of Listening to Music

Shechin Dashe



After many examination contemplates, we can say that the medical advantages of music have been demonstrated.

For example, music can help improve your IQ score notwithstanding make your brain more keen as you get more established. Given beneath are 8 demonstrated advantages of tuning in to your preferred music. Peruse on to discover more.

1) Listen to music to be upbeat

At the point when you tune in to your preferred music, your mind discharges dopamine. What’s more, this is the concoction that makes you more joyful when discharged. Remaining glad is significant for your physical just as psychological wellness.

2) Better running execution

On the off chance that you are a sprinter, you can improve your showing execution to tuning in to music before the opposition. It’s smarter to pick inspirational music for this reason.

3) Reduced pressure

On the off chance that you tune in to music, it can decrease the level of cortisone, which is a pressure hormone. As indicated by an examination, individuals experienced better invulnerability after they partook in singing and instrument playing.

On an upsetting day, you can tune in to radio to quiet yourself and appreciate the mending advantages of music.

4) Improved rest

Another examination found that the individuals who tuned in to music for in any event 30 minutes before hitting their bed experienced preferred rest over the individuals who did nothing before their sleep time. We realize that rest is of central significance for us all, particularly the individuals who consider or have office work to do. Lack of sleep can cause a great deal of other medical problems also.

5) Reduced sadness

As indicated by measurements, in excess of 350 million people manage melancholy and 9 out of 10 experience the ill effects of sleep deprivation. Exploration considers have discovered that tuning in to music can assist you with lessening your manifestations of despondency to remain quiet and tranquil.

6) Better state of mind

While driving, music can assist you with improving your concentration and state of mind. As indicated by contemplates, music can positively affect your temperament, which is significant for a protected driving encounter. Without positive state of mind, it’s impractical to accomplish anything. Furthermore, driving in terrible temperament can cause a mishap.

7) Better learning and memory

Many exploration contemplates have inferred that tuning in to music can improve your memory and learning. The volunteers who participated in the investigation performed better in the wake of tuning in to music. Then again, different members demonstrated eased back learning and more fragile memory.

8) Improved verbal insight

As per an investigation, 9 out of 10 children experienced better comprehension of various words and the quantity of implications they had. Another examination found that the members performed much better after they tuned in to music.

The times of these children were 4 and 10. In this manner, we can say that music can help improve verbal knowledge of children.

Long story short, you can see that tuning in to music offers a great deal of advantages. Truth be told, music is a compelling global language, which is given dependent on a great deal of examination considers. In this manner, in the event that you are an understudy or student in any field, you can profit by tuning in to your preferred music tracks.

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